Semester IV Previous Year Question Papers

Now that you have completed a considerable part of your B. Com journey, the twists and turns along the road probably do not surprise you anymore. By now, you must have become used to the exam pressure and the long hours of studying. In semester IV, not much is going to change! Except for the subjects, maybe. This semester, you will be studying papers likes Cost Accounting, Business Mathematics, Computer Applications in Business, and the likes. To score more this semester, make sure you familiarize with the exam pattern well in advance with the Past Year Question Papers given below. Doing so will also help you enhance your conceptual understanding. So, start practicing with the links given below!

Cost Accounting - 2016
Cost Accounting - May 2016
Cost Accounting - 2015
Cost Accounting - June 2015
Cost Accounting - 2014
Cost Accounting - June 2014