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11 Things CA Students Should Know About the Information Technology & Soft Skills Course by ICAI

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(This free webinar on ‘Understanding Information Technology & Soft Skills Course by ICAI’ tells you everything you need to know)

Information Technology (IT) has deeply touched and impacted all spheres of life. In today’s world, no individual or business can think of functioning effectively without IT. The same is true for accountants and the business firms which hire them. No wonder then that students of CA are required to have a firm grasp of the latest developments in IT in a way that will be beneficial to their profession. To facilitate the CA-Intermediate students with such knowledge, ICAI conducts a course called the Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS). It is mandatory for CA-Inter students to clear this course on information technology and soft skills to qualify for CA-Final.

We conducted a webinar to help CA-Inter students understand the nitty-gritty of this course. Our CA expert covers all the relevant aspects of ICITSS by ICAI. Here are the 11 important takeaways of the webinar and why every CA-Intermediate student must take time to watch it:

1. Duration of Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
ICITSS by ICAI spans over a period of 30 days and is divided into two parts: IT and Orientation. Each class is usually scheduled for six hours. CA-Intermediate students must complete this course before articleship.

2. Objective of  Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
Over a period of one month, this course aims to make students technologically equipped to deftly handle the professional responsibilities of an accountant. As elaborated in the webinar, the course aims to simultaneously hone the communication and presentation skills of the CA-Inter student.

3. Eligibility for Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
This free webinar talks at length about all the possible criteria under which CA candidates become eligible to enrol for the Information Technology & Soft Skills Course by ICAI. The CA expert in the webinar also touches upon the benefits that CA-Inter students may expect after completing the course.

4. Fees, dress code, attendance for Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
These are important aspects of ICITSS by ICAI that all CA students must know before enrolment. Being acquainted with such details helps students to make well-informed decisions and results in the smooth completion of the course.

5. Registration for Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
Students are required to login to the online portal and register in a particular batch launched by the Programme Organising Unit (POU). After registration, students may print the acknowledgement slip from the portal and submit the same along with other documents, as mentioned in the acknowledgement slip, to the concerned Programme Organising Unit at least two days before the commencement of the batch. Watch the free webinar for further information on the registration process.

6. Training details for Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
The free webinar elaborates on the training details of ICITSS. The training is conducted by regional offices/branches. The course is supported by intensive practical exercises so that concepts are clearly understood by students.

7. Module tests of information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
Every student who enrols for ICITSS is required to clear two module tests. They are required to secure at least 50% in the individual tests. The module test comprises both objective and descriptive type questions. Evaluation of the module test is by the ITT Centre. In case a student fails in a Module Test, one re-appearance for each test is allowed free of cost. For any additional reappearance, the student is required to pay a nominal fee of INR 150 per test. These two module tests carry a 20% weightage in successfully completing the course.

8. Project report of Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
A student is required to prepare a multi-disciplinary project of 100 marks covering all aspects of the course syllabus. The weightage of this project is 20%. Students are required to submit the project before appearing for the final online examination.

9. Eligibility for final online examination of  Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
This is one of the most important aspects highlighted in the webinar. The CA expert talks at length about the eligibility criteria for students for the final online window. To become eligible, students must have above 90 percent attendance. They must successfully qualify two module tests, submit the project report and clear payment of the full course fees.

10. Final online examination of Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
The webinar elaborates on the type of questions to be expected in the final online exam. The final online exam is usually scheduled to be held on a Sunday; the date is conveyed to students by the ITT centre from where the student is pursuing the course.

11. Passing criteria for Information Technology & Soft Skills (ICITSS):
Lastly, the webinar sheds light on the passing requirement for students to clear ICITSS. If students fail to obtain the required marks, they can reappear for the online exam with two attempts, free of cost. For any further attempt, students need to pay a nominal fee of INR 300 per attempt.

For more details on ICITSS, watch the free webinar where our CA expert discusses in great detail all matters pertaining to ICITSS. In case of any queries or for free counselling, you can get in touch with our CA academic expert by calling 1800-212-8575.

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