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4 life saving hacks to crack CA CPT within a month's time!

By Madhurima Sarkar |
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It took them years to find out but it’s finally here, just the exact potion to save your CPT exam day!

Now, since just a few more days to CA CPT,

You will constantly come across statuses and articles related to quick preparation tips to boost yourself and countless time over again. But why? What’s causing us to think that students should follow certain CPT tips? Well, the reason is that in exam preparation students easily get discouraged if a topic is untouched or coming across the same doubts repeatedly and worst when they see their friends’ groundwork going ahead of them. This happens at least 4 times a week. One day, it’s all about concepts that are yet to be studied and the next day we know are the never ending doubts. Trying to analyze where to focus more becomes a confusing task to you and it is not simple when you have just a month’s time to CA CPT. And ICAI never fails to astonish us like revising the CA syllabus. Yet another factor that we take into account when trying to build write-ups for you! But putting the astonishments aside, here we are with 4 hacks that will help you to clear CA CPT this December.

  1. Why you should say NO to new topics?  

Your study schedule is already prepared and you are following it religiously. But it might happen that you miss a few topics to cover. Time is very crucial for any exam preparation. If a topic is untouched, try not to poke because it can create unnecessary anxiety which is not a positive sign for CPT. Rather, you should revisit concepts studied so far so that they become your strength. It is highly recommended for you to focus on your weak areas more than starting a new topic when you have few days in hand. Please put this 1 month devotedly for revision!

  1. Solve your doubts right now!

It is alright if you come across doubts related to any concepts or even the same doubts repeatedly. But try not to keep that doubt to yourself. Spell it out to your guide or a friend or a senior you know who has cracked CPT. Bright students can come across doubts but clearing them at the right time is significant. And if you are uncomfortable in putting your queries forward, write them at CA expert advice to get an instant response. We have a month in hand and you need a reasonable answer for the queries. In addition, you must not forget to take required intervals so that you can keep your calm.

  1. Practise is the key to succeed in CPT.

The way to successfully crack CA CPT, you should keep on practising. To really get a firm understanding of how the question paper pattern will be, we need to practise with CA CPT previous year question papers. This will give you a clear idea on the changing pattern in questions that have been designed so far. You should also practise with CPT sample papers which are again a great tool for your preparation. Lastly, set your clock to attempt CA CPT online Mock Test because you need to increase your speed as you will get approximately 1 minute for each question on the day of exam. These tests will help you to analyze your preparation and your weaknesses so that you can work on them till it is your strength. This one month, entirely focus on practising with these tools to avoid stress on 17th December.

  1. Be more tech-savvy!

Today, there are many websites who are solely prepared for students and they aim to reduce their last minute exam worry. View videos and webinars conducted by CA experts and jot down the tips which they suggest to follow. This will help you to focus and perform well in CPT. There are CA CPT subject-wise webinars too and in case if you miss them, you find the recorded versions available on the website. Knowing strategies from CA academic experts can work well for you. Click here, if you want to visit a few.

These are the most important factors that you should put into consideration so that you can improve your chance of clearing CA CPT. You can also attend another tool to assess your preparation and that is Diagnostic CPT. This can be an added advantage to your CPT.

Try to allot at least few hours every second day to attempt CPT online Mock Tests as it is an important step to be among the rankers.

Make your preparation smart, follow a healthy diet and sleep well to make a grade in CA CPT. Good luck!

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