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5 things I did not know about Chartered Accountancy

By Madhurima Sarkar |
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In India, Chartered Accountants are recognised as professionals with a strong knowledge of accounts and finance and those who have the ability to take decisions that can impact the future of the economy. During the CA course, aspirants not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. Although studying for CA mostly involves self-study, there are many facts that I did not know about CA as a profession. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve read pieces, yet every time I see that ‘mock tests, sample papers, time management’ part, it genuinely makes me want to practice and learn to manage time. When you are entering into the phase of Chartered Accountancy and haven’t a clue of what to say or how your course is different and yet challenging, here are 5 things that you know make you one smart CA aspirant:

1. CA is synonymous with accountancy. No, it is not at all limited to the knowledge of numbers or just accountancy. It is so much more than that. The course of Chartered Accountancy includes Finance, Tax, Law, Costing, Auditing and the current economic scenario of the country. The aim of the CA course in India is to make Chartered Accountants globally competitive. 

2. I did not know that the Chartered Accountancy course does not have reservations. Everyone needs to equally struggle together to get certified. It is pleasing to know that knowledge is the only reservation. 

3. The minimum stipend to be paid during articleship depends on the population of the city. Such a neat clause can only be seen in CA! 

4. The qualification of a Chartered Accountant is considered equivalent to that of a postgraduate. Yes, about one hundred one Indian Universities, six Indian Institutes of Management, IIT Madras and IIT Bombay recognise Chartered Accountancy as equivalent to post-graduation when admitting CA students to their doctoral programmes.

5. A candidate who has passed the CA Final exam and becomes a member of ICAI can apply for recruitment to superior services or posts in the Government.  A CA is eligible for the Civil Services Examination for recruitment to IAS, IPS and other such Central Services. 

It is always fun to know interesting facts about the course you are pursuing. But it is awesome finding a smart platform to prepare for such a demanding course. You may find various CA e-learning portals, but for CA, you must select the best one. CAprep18 is one such educational portal which not only helps CA aspirants to improve their chance of clearing CA exams but is also dedicated to delivering competence to produce excellence.

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