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A Month of Self Study v/s 15 Days' Revision with Experts

By Admin |
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Time runs fast, really fast! So how do you count it? In number of hours you have put for practice or in the number of hours left in your hands for revision?

Tough question, isn’t it?

Not really! There is this one simple tactic you need to know and follow- The difference between Self-study versus Revision with perfection. When we talk about perfection, noting but ‘Expertise’ hits our brains. No matter how hard you try, no matter how fast you go; the output will still be in a deficit if you lack a proper ‘Guidance’ as it is rightly said “One can’t reach somewhere until he knows where he has to go”.

Let me simplify this for you, if you self-study at this point of time there are extremely high chances that you might lose track of ‘what and how’. Enough of study materials referred, ample of mock tests attempted still the outcome is unclear probably because the precision to practice or the essentials ‘what and how’ are missing!

Let us see how Self-study differs from Experts’ study:

Self Study-

1. Self Made time table based on assumptions made by self

2. No accurate source of learning

3. No helping hand during the hour of crisis- doubts

4. No access to lectures anymore

5. Revision takes time since self involved study

6. Referring to various sources will lead to disaster

7. No Expert at hand for the right solution

 Studying with the experts-

1. Expert-made schedule with correct allocation of time

2. Study materials made with precision to succeed

3. LIVE lectures and doubt solving

4. Quick revision with shortcuts to CPT

5. One source of learning and revision, leads to success

6. 15 days of expert learning = 30 days of self learning

7. Up to date syllabus and notifications

These are just few of the differences between Self Study and Studying with the CA experts. Now that you have a crisp idea of which path to follow, it is very essential that you take a step now and book you slot for the best Comprehensive CPT Rapid Revision Course which is being provided by JK Shah Classes’ which has the track record of producing thousands of CA toppers across the nation.

Within just 112 hours of practice with their most efficient and experienced faculties, you are sure to achieve your goals if followed religiously.

Good luck!

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