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CA Articleship - Expert tips & tricks to balance CA studies along with Articleship

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Once you register for the CA Intermediate Level, the Articleship will be a significant part of your life. Sure, it is interesting to work hands-on; doing audit for companies, preparing balance sheets and making adjustments to company’s accounts. It’s like watching the concepts come out of books and take shape in the real world. And, for a student of CA there is no substitute for on-the-job experience.

But, the problem occurs when students try to balance Articleship with CA-Inter preparations. Who are these students, anyway?

  • Direct Entry students (Graduation route) who, immediately after registration, can write the exam up on completion of 9 months of articleship.
  • Also, already enrolled students for CA Intermediate who have cleared either of the two groups can register for articleship.

They find it challenging study for Intermediate alongside articleship. It takes but superhuman devotion to slog at work from 9 to 5 and then sit through couple of hours of CA lecture.

So, how to manage your preparation during articleship?

Short answer: Do smart work and leverage the digital medium to catch up with studies.

For the long answer, read the following tips on how to prepare for Intermediate while doing CA Articleship.

Plan your studies in advance – The problem with articleship is the excruciating time crunch. During these 9 months students are constantly pressed for time. To make the most of the time at hand, students need to plan ahead and set clear and achievable target. To break it down further, you can allot time frames to the subjects and chapters you have to study, and then stick to the stipulated time frames.

Do not waste time – Waste time? If you are working hard during office hours, and coming back home only to eat and sleep then how are you wasting time? Between lazing in bed for ‘just 5 more minutes’ and commuting to work or socializing with colleagues, a lot of precious time is wasted. You just don’t see it happening. Squeeze every free minute of the day to catch up with your Intermediate studies. You may be tagged as ‘geeky’ but it will pay off in the end. Plus, this won’t carry on forever, just for the nine months before the exam.

Study early in morning – But why? Especially, if you are a night owl? Because after a hectic day at work, it is unlikely for anyone to zero in on studies with a fresh mind. It’s more effective to get up early in the morning, and catch up with your studies for a couple of hours before you leave for work.

 Make best use of your weekends – Some of you may not have a Saturday off, but those who have this privilege: Congratulations! Life just got easier for you. Schedule your lectures and study planners around weekend and make good use of your off day. Sadly, your party plans will have to take a back seat till your Intermediate exams are over. But, once you clear the exams, you will never come to regret the effort you are now putting in.

Last but not the least, attend lectures during non-business hours, and since physical tuition classes do not function like that, online classes are your best shot to crack CA Intermediate. You can attend live lectures on low work pressure days or watch recorded versions during free time.

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