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CA CPT June 2019 Exam Paper Download

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It is crucial for students appearing for CA CPT to have access to excellent academic resources. It helps them to augment their exam preparation. Once the learning phase is over, and the students are done absorbing concepts from the study material, it is time to revise and practice till perfection knocks at your door. To make this happen, students need to fall back on CA CPT Exam papers. Doing so will help students to get familiar with the exam pattern.  

Every year, months before the CPT exam students go all over the place looking for an archive that will offer them all CA CPT Exam papers at one place. Such a haven is nowhere to be found. Instead, students end up combing the entire internet for these exam papers, thereby wasting their precious time.  Here’s the good news for CPT November 2018 students, you don’t have to put yourselves through this ordeal.

Taking the students’ plight under consideration, we have come up with the perfect plan to make their lives easier. In this blog post, we have embedded all the links to download CA CPT Exam papers for November 2018 attempt.

CA CPT November 2019 Mock Test Papers

Mock Tests are the best way to track exam preparation progress. Solving mock test papers are an integral part of exam preparation for CA CPT. It benefits the examinees in ways more than one. First, appearing for mock tests before the actual CPT exams helps students to build confidence. Second, it gives the students an opportunity to analyze and learn from their mistakes, while there’s still time. And third, it helps students cultivate the habit of answering questions within a stipulated time. Indeed, mock tests are the dress rehearsals for CA CPT Exams.

To practice further, students should also refer to the CA CPT November 2018 mock test papers put together by our subject experts. These mock test papers are segregated subject-wise, and they replicate the ICAI question pattern as closely as possible. The purpose of these mock test papers is to help students identify and access their strengths and weaknesses.

Sr No.  Test                                  
1 CA CPT Mock Test Paper 1     Start Test
2 CA CPT Mock Test Paper 2

Start Test


CA CPT November 2019 Previous Year Question Papers

No, solving the last 5 years CA CPT Question paper will not ensure that you get common questions in the current attempt. The purpose of the previous year question paper is far beyond that. Practicing with these question papers will help you to get a firm grip on ICAI question paper pattern. Analyzing them closely may enable you to identify similar patterns and trends, the knowledge of which will be crucial for your current attempt.

Solving previous year question papers will ensure that you can absorb concepts better and apply them to answer questions in a manner desired by ICAI. Our subject experts are of the opinion that these test papers are the most prevalent exam preparation material for CPT students to stay updated with the changing CA trends.

Sr No Test Paper Year Test Paper
1   CA CPT -December –2017                    Download CA CPT Paper Dec 2017                       
2   CA CPT  June – 2017    Download CA CPT Paper June 2017
3   CA CPT December -2016    Download CA CPT Paper Dec 2016
4   CA CPT June – 2016    Download CA CPT Paper June 2016
5   CA CPT December – 2015    Download CA CPT Paper Dec 2015
6   CA CPT June – 2015    Download CA CPT Paper June 2015
7   CA CPT December – 2014    Download CA CPT Paper Dec 2014
8   CA CPT June - 2014    Download CA CPT Paper June 2014


CA CPT Model Test Paper by ICAI for CA CPT November 2019

The model test papers released by the ICAI serves as a question bank for CA CPT students, the scope of which expands far beyond the one in the ICAI study material. The model test papers are meant to serve as a handy and useful guide to the students appearing for CA CPT. These model test paper come with answer keys, so that students don’t have to wait up for their coaching classes to furnish them with the right answers. This help students to kick start practicing by themselves, once the learning phase is over. Learning concepts from the study material is simply not enough, you need to know how to apply them in a way that will fetch you maximum marks in your CA CPT exams. This is where the model test papers by ICAI will come to your rescue.

Sr. No CPT Model Test 
1 CA CPT Model Test Paper  Vol. 1 (Part I)                  
2 CA CPT Model Test Paper  Vol. 1 (Part II)
3 CA CPT Model Test Paper  Vol. 1 (Part III)
4 CA CPT Model Test Paper  Vol. 1 (Part IV)
5 CA CPT Model Test Paper  Vol. 2 (Part I)
6 CA CPT Model Test Paper  Vol. 2 (Part II)
7 CA CPT Model Test Paper  Vol. 2 (Part III)
8 CA CPT Model Test Paper  Vol. 2 (Part IV)


Download All  CA CPT Sample Paper 

Sr,No. Paper CA CPT Sample Paper            CA CPT Sample paper Solution
1 General Economics CA CPT General Economics  Paper  CA CPT General Economics Answer
2 Full Syllabus- Morning Session    
3 Mercantile Law CA CPT Mercantile Law Paper  CA CPT Mercantile Law Answer
4 Quantitative Aptitude CA CPT Quantitative Aptitude Paper   CA CPT Quantitative Aptitude Answer
5 Full Syllabus- Afternoon Session    
6 Fundamentals of Accounting CA CPT Fundamentals of Accounting  Paper  CA CPT Fundamentals of Accounting Answer


Download CA CPT Study materials

Sr No Subjects   
1 Quantitative Aptitude        CA CPT Quantitative Aptitude Study materials          
2 Accountancy CA CPT Accountancy Study materials
3 Economics CA CPT  Economics Study materials
4 Law CA CPT  Law Study materials


Download ICAI  CA CPT Mock Test Paper 2019

Sr No CA CPT Question Paper CA CPT Answer Paper
1 CA CPT Mock Test Question Paper-1 (Session I) CA CPT Mock Test Question Answer Paper-1 (Session I)
2 CA CPT Mock Test Question Paper-1 (Session II) CA CPT Mock Test Question Answer Paper-1 (Session II)
3 CA CPT Mock Test Question Paper-2 (Session I) CA CPT Mock Test Question Answer Paper-2 (Session I)
4 CA CPT Mock Test Question Paper-2 (Session II) CA CPT Mock Test Question Answer Paper-2 (Session II)
5 CA CPT Mock Test Question Paper-3 (Session I) CA CPT Mock Test Question Answer Paper-3 (Session I)
6 CA CPT Mock Test Question Paper-3 (Session II) CA CPT Mock Test Question Answer Paper-3 (Session II)
7 CA CPT Mock Test Question Paper-4 (Session I) CA CPT Mock Test Question Answer Paper-4 (Session I)
8 CA CPT Mock Test Question Paper-4 (Session II) CA CPT Mock Test Question Answer Paper-4 (Session II)


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