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CA experts suggest these most effective tips for cracking CPT!

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CA exam preparations are never easy. You have spent at least a month of thoughts and discussions with your parents before deciding which course to pursue. After that an entire week in collecting study resources and writing your study schedule to perfection. Next, you browse to know what the CA CPT rankers have shared about their exam experiences to get some extra push. You start your groundwork with the flow of your time table. But your entire energy level goes down when you are left with more topics to cover in a very less time. Plus you have too many doubts together and you are unable to find resources or a guide at that very moment. It becomes very easy to get discouraged. This is the problem. You need a guide to the last minute study plan so that you are less stressed on the day of actual CPT. With the right preparation tools, it is virtually possible to crack the exam this December. Let us put some strategic tips for each subject which will keep you motivated during the exam.

Accountancy: All the chapters and concepts are equally important as they are said to be the key to clear CA exams. There are few questions in CPT accounts where you may require putting in more time during the exam. You have approximately 1 minute to attempt each question. This means that you need to increase your speed to achieve the cut-off. Now you have nearly a month in hand so practise as much as you can. Few questions are lengthy in accounts so refer previous year question papers and sample papers to understand the pattern designed so far by the Institute.

Mercantile Law: Try to cover all the topics and chapters at Mercantile Law as this subject could be new to most of the students. But the concepts are straightforward but few are lengthy too. It will be benefiting if you refer previous year question papers and practise with them. The key to remember the acts and laws is to revisit them every day. Keep an hour to practise concepts with CPT previous year question papers and CPT sample papers. Commit to your mind that these two resources are ultimate to know and analyze your CA CPT Mercantile Law preparation. On the day of exam, mark the questions which seem to be lengthy so that you can answer them later.

Economics: Economics is comparatively scoring to other subjects in CA CPT. On the day of exam; try to attempt all the questions for economics in 45 to 50 minutes so that you can save enough time for Quantitative Aptitude. If your basics are clear and you are thorough with the concepts of class 12th economics, it can be an added advantage to you. But try to keep the graphs in mind. Macro Economics is mostly theoretical understanding. You will need to revise them on a regular basis. Practise with past year papers and sample papers for CPT economics preparation to make a stronghold on the paper. Try to put this time in practising than starting any new concept.

Quantitative Aptitude: You will need a little more time in attempting Quantitative Aptitude on the day of exam. In Math and Statistics, there is a possibility of you scoring more marks. Try to complete the ones that seems easier to you and mark the rest to attempt later. Again, practise as much as you can and find out your weaknesses before the exam. This will help you to avoid stress on the actual CPT. Attempt questions with previous year question papers and sample papers to increase your speed and understanding time-management.

A candidate is required to secure a minimum of 30% marks in each section and 50% marks in aggregate to clear CA CPT December 2017. The key to succeed in the exam will be to practise religiously. Attempt online CA CPT Mock Test to improve your speed and your chance of clearing the exam.

It is advisable to avoid negative marks in CA CPT. If you are not sure of a question then try not to attempt it. Keep your calm and practise with CA CPT Sample Papers, CA CPT Previous Year Question Papers and online CA CPT Mock Test

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