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CA Intermediate Financial Management and Economics for Finance Study Material for Nov 2018

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CA Intermediate (CA IPCC New Course) Financial Management and Economics for Finance Study Material for Nov 2018

The agenda of studying Financial Management and Economics for Finance is for CA students to develop an understanding of various aspects of financial management and to apply the same in the process of decision making. The syllabus for this subject is divided into two modules which are further categorized into 11 chapters.

 Refer to the study material released by ICAI to gain scintillating insights into each topic. Here the concepts are approached in a step-by-step process and explained in a manner which is best suited for students. The examples, illustrations or diagrams used to demonstrate each concept in the study material facilitates clarity and enables you to have a good grasp on the subject matter. 

Paper-8: Financial Management & Economics for Finance - Section-A: Financial Management


Initial Pages


Unit I: Introduction to Working Capital Management

Unit II: Treasury and Cash Management

Unit III: Management of Inventory

Unit IV: Management of Receivables

Unit V: Management of Payables (Creditors)

Unit VI: Financing of Working Capital

Appendix - Financial Tables


Source: https://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=13847

Paper-8 Section-B: Economics for Finance

Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Determination of National Income
                Unit I: National Income Accounting
                Unit II: The Keynesian Theory of Determination of National Income

Chapter 2: Public Finance
              Unit I: Fiscal Functions: An Overview
              Unit II: Market Failure
              Unit III: Government Interventions to Correct Market Failure
              Unit IV: Fiscal Policy

Chapter 3: Money Market
            Unit I: The Concept of Money Demand : Important Theories
            Unit II: The Concept of Money Supply
            Unit III: Monetary Policy

Chapter 4: International Trade
             Unit I: Theories of International Trade
             Unit II: The Instruments of Trade Policy
             Unit III: Trade Negotiations
             Unit IV: Exchange Rate and Its Economic Effects
             Unit V: International Capital Movements


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