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CPT Mock Test Paper

By Madhurima Sarkar |
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It is just about a month to go for CA CPT December 2017. The ICAI has already announced the date being, 17th December 2017. With these handful days remaining to your rescue, there remains just one remedy to strengthen your chances of cracking the exam; Of course you guessed it right- the CPT Mock Test Papers!

Without much ado let me quickly share a few tips using which you will not just crack CPT but actually better your scores in December CPT!

Beginning with...

A. SWOT Analysis= Fuel filling- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats, don’t panic yet! Take a slot of time out of your busy day to analyze your areas of functionality according to the four subjects namely Fundamentals of Accounting, Mercantile Law, Quantitative Aptitude and General Economics, this will be as useful as filling fuel to your vehicle geared for a long drive!

B. Don’t Touch! - Do not, let’s repeat do not touch new topics unless you are confident of not losing your progress over the ongoing topics in the process of beginning with a new ones. Remember; Jack of all trades is master of none…!

C. Preach the ‘MOCK TESTS’- Rely only and only one Mock Tests at this moment, it will help you to keep a track of your performance. Practice CA-CPT Mock Test on a daily basis along with past years’ Question Papers to escalate your preparation, these Mock Tests will definitely give you a real CPT like parameter to measure your progress.

D. Study Material- Choose the best study material according to its band width of content relying on the amount of time left in your pocket. Right now, the best study material and most reliable one is here . This is precisely all you need for revision plus learning.

E. Chill… - Relax! The CPT is a stepping stone which will lead you to your ultimate goal, Chartered Accountancy. Yes, you have to be brewed up for the competition against your fellow CPT aspirants for which ‘Confidence’ is the most vital catalyst. Have faith in yourself and you hit the bull’s eye in a breeze.

See you in the next blog, until then prepare well and follow http://www.caprep18.com for any updates on CA CPT.

All the best!

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