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Crossing the CA Hurdle: Tips and Tricks for CA CPT Repeaters

By Admin |
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“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now, he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” – Bill Gates

So, you have failed to crack CPT in the first attempt? Maybe, you have failed even twice or thrice, but now is not the time to give up! You can see from the life of Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, that failure is not final. There’s still hope for you!

But Wait! What if CA is not for you?

This question may have crossed your mind if you are a CPT repeater. What should you do? Should you quit or carry on? The answer is both, yes and no! Wait! Let us explain.

It does not matter how many times you have failed to clear CPT: what matters is, why have you been failing? Now, let’s be absolutely honest while answering the following questions:

1.)Did you fail because your efforts were lacking?

2.)Or, is it because you don’t enjoy studying the subjects for CPT?

If the answer to the second one is a ‘yes’. Then no, CA is not for you. No doubt, CA is a prestigious career, but for a B.Com student, there are a great many options open other than CA. To know more career options, you can read the following blog post.

career options after class 12 commerce

And, if the answer to the first question is a ‘yes’, then it’s time for you to buckle up! Are you ready? Our CA experts are already here to guide you with the most scintillating tips and tricks to make sure that you clear CPT in the upcoming attempt. Before we proceed, let us take a quick look at the reasons why students fail to crack CPT exam in the first attempt.

Top 3 reasons why students fail in CPT

Well, Chartered Accountancy is a globally recognized profession. Students who clear CA serve important positions in multinational companies; they counsel the government and manage finances across industries. The entrance exam to such a career can’t be too easy to crack. But that’s not why most students fail in CPT.

Recently, we had conducted a survey among students who are CPT repeaters.  According to our research, here are 3 most common reasons why students fail in CPT:   

1.Students don’t study hard enough: You may have done your best to prepare for CPT in the time available at hand. But honestly, did you approach CPT with the same seriousness with which you had prepared for the +2 boards? This is one thing that all CPT repeaters should ponder upon. Because, when it comes to CPT, students seem to take things easy. As educators, we believe this to be a primary cause why so many students fail to crack CPT in the first attempt. If this is the case with you, the tips and tricks for CPT repeaters listed below will surely help you out.

2.Students don’t understand the syllabus well: When students rely solely on self-study, the run the risk of not being able to comprehend the syllabus. No doubt, self-study holds the key to success in the case of CA exams but at some point in time everyone needs a mentor to monitor. Having a good mentor will enable you to fully understand the syllabus. Your mentor will guide you with topics that you should be prioritizing right now from exam perspective.

3.Students don’t revise as many times as they should: As you already know from your last attempt, CPT is an MCQ based exam. To crack it, you should have the crux of each concept at the tip of your tongue, and you should be able to solve problems at the speed of light. So, you can yourself calculate how many rounds of revision you will need to achieve this level of accuracy.  Most student refer to the practice manuals only once before appearing for the first attempt. Whereas, our expert is of the opinion that students need minimum 3 to 5 rounds of revision. And, taking at least one mock test per subject is a must before attempting CPT.

Well, now that you where you may have gone wrong the last time, let us do things differently this time to ensure that you crack CPT exam in current attempt.

5 Quick Tips and Tricks for CPT repeaters (that will benefit you endlessly)

TIP #1: Quickly read the syllabus first. Try to understand the link between concepts. Discover different elements of the concepts, the linkages, the differences among them, steps involved in various processes and jot these down on a notepad. Keep this sheet in a place where you can easily view it. Read it whenever you are about to start any topic.

TIP #2: The objective of the subject Fundamentals of Accounting is to develop conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of financial accounting. It gives students an idea of the financial statements, its interpretations and how it is analyzed in the decision making of accounting. Prepare your own notes on the conceptual chapters. This will save your time in revisiting a number of books again and again. Candidates are expected to be thorough with the Fundamentals of Accounting and applications of accounting in various practical situations.

 TIP #3: Mercantile Law as a subject intends to test the general comprehension of the elements of the mercantile law. You exactly have 2 months from now to attempt CA-CPT and the module of law is nearly 200 pages to cover. Try to prepare your notes as pointers; this helps in understanding the concepts thoroughly. Before starting a new unit or any new topic, revise quickly what you have studied earlier. Such revisions will surely help in remembering the provisions and rules of law.

TIP #4: The subject General Economics has been designed to ensure a basic understanding of the economic systems, economic behavior of individuals and organizations. Economics is a subject which not only includes conceptual knowledge but also includes graph/diagram work and statistics. Practice by developing a graph/diagram on the basis of the given explanation. It is not really tough to remember statistical data if you are following your study timetable. After finishing each chapter, practice MCQs which are provided at the end.  You could read a newspaper on finance and economics for general awareness.

 TIP #5: The aim of the last section Quantitative Aptitude is to test the grasp of elementary concepts in Mathematics and Statistics and their applications as a useful quantitative tool.

For some additional tips on how to crack CPT in this attempt, make sure you watch the video embedded below:

To further assist you, we have come up the Rapid Revision course. It includes 70 Hours of Classes conducted by the renowned faculty of JK Shah Classes along with a battery of academic resources: Study Material, Practice Manual, Mock Test Papers, Sample Papers, All India Mock Test Papers, Previous Year Question papers with Answers and much more.

As you may already know that according to the modifications made by ICAI, CA-CPT is now a part of the old syllabus. Under the new syllabus, CA-CPT has been replaced by a new, improved and more difficult to crack entry level exam, CA-Foundation. As declared on 30th June 2017, CPT exams will soon cease to exist: the June 2019 attempt is the last time CPT exam will be conducted! So guys, buckle up! Study hard while there is still time, and make sure you clear CPT in this attempt.

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