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Day before CA CPT Exam: Don't forget to do these things

By Madhurima Sarkar |
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What things should you do on the day before CA CPT?

You were so excited when you started your CPT preparation. But as time went by, your excitement dwindled each day. You checked your preparation for a sign of strength. With constant practice, you found positive results. Your time and hardwork should not go to waste. Staying calm could be difficult right now. There is only a day left for your exam, and the only question that arises in your mind is “What things to do on the day before CA CPT?” Well, you are not the only one asking this question. In fact, many other students would be thinking about the same thing.

You wake up in the morning and realise that today is all you have to prepare for CA CPT! It is the last day to invest as much time as you can. All of the double and triple checking to ensure your preparation. So far, your target has been clear and you have prepared yourself to avoid common mistakes with rigorous practice. Mock tests, sample papers and past year papers have been the most valuable tools to identify your weaknesses and to boost your confidence.

You can definitely clear the exam because you included the proven tools in your CPT preparation. These tools will now effectively work to your advantage. While practising, if your attempts were not pretty, you would choose to ignore. But after religious practice when it finally looked positive, you couldn’t look away.

You are ready, eager and confident, but there are a few things that you must look at right now. Finding these is a sure way to sail through the exam. So, here are the things to do on the day before CPT.

Relax and practise

  • Answer two full-length mock tests within a set time. If you come across any doubt or have an incorrect answer, revisit them immediately from the notes that you prepared.
  • Take a break and practise with CPT previous year question papers.
  • Do not revise any concept from the textbook at this hour. Rather take a glimpse of the notes that you prepared.
  • Avoid last minute discussions with your friends. This will cause unnecessary anxiety in you.
  • Eat healthy and get proper sleep. Your mind needs rest to perform better on the exam day. 


You may think that relaxing on the eve of CA CPT will be difficult. After all, that’s the only day you have to put things right, if you have found any. While there is some truth to that, it is also true that to achieve your target, you not only need to practise hard but also need to stay calm. With the right frame of mind, you can understand how and where you need to be careful while attempting MCQs in CPT. Let us explain according to each CPT subject.


  • - Which of the following Statements are True / Not True / False / Not False?
  • - Items to be Debited / Not to be Debited, Credited / Not to be Credited
  • - Which is not a Personal / Real / Nominal Account?
  • - Which is not an Asset or not a Liability?
  • - Which is not an income or not an Expenditure?
  • - Which shows / does not show debit / credit balance?
  • - Which comes / does not come in a Trading a/c / Profit and Loss account / Balance sheet?
  • - Which is shown / not shown in which subsidiary journal

  • Mercantile Law
  • - Which of the following is correct/incorrect?
  • - True or False statements
  • - MCQs based on Case Studies
  • - MCQs based on Practical Questions
  • - Many of the questions are asked negatively rather than directly. Be more careful with such questions.
  • - For example, ‘One of the following is not a characteristic of a partnership firm’. To answer such a question, a student must not only know what are the characteristics of a partnership firm but also have knowledge of other forms of organisation, such as Sole Proprietary, Joint Stock Company, Hindu Undivided Family etc.
  • - In some questions, one of the options may be ‘None of these’. In 90% cases, this option will not be the answer. Don’t be in a hurry in choosing this option if it shows up in any question.
  • Economics
  • Which of the following is correct/incorrect?
  • True or False statements
  • MCQs based on Case Studies & Practical Questions


 Quantitative Aptitude


  • Be careful with options which are equal in value (For example, ½ and 2/4).
  • In the chapters of Derivatives & Integrations, you may get some MCQs which are linked to concepts in Economics (such as Marginal Cost). Attempt to pay more attention to such questions. You may face a new question in the exam from that area and it can be a rank-deciding question.


  • Calculation of Variance
  • True / False statements
  • In the options like Both (a) &(b) / Either (a) or (b)
  • Inequality conditions like AM ≥ GM ≥ HM etc.
  • In regression, bxy, byx and r
  • In the chapter of Probability, conditional probability MCQs
  • In the chapter of Sampling, choose appropriate formulae based on given information, i.e. sample variance, population variance, large population etc.
  • In the chapter of Theoretical Distributions, the sign of Z value


Tips to follow on CPT day:

  • Reach the exam centre at least an hour in advance to avoid last minute crisis. This will help you to stay calm and focussed. 
  • Carry your CA CPT Admit Card.
  • Read all the instructions carefully.
  • If you are confident with the concepts of law, then begin with Mercantile Law Section 1 because Accountancy may consume more time.
  • Read all the questions carefully. You may come across few tricky questions, but you can definitely answer them with positivity.
  • Skip the questions that you are not confident of or you think may take time. Mark them so that you can answer them later.
  • There are 200 questions in total, and each question carries 1 mark. You have approximately 1 minute for each question.
  • Each wrong answer carries negative marking, and one-fourth or quarter of the marks for a question is deducted for an incorrect answer. Hence, you need to be careful with guess work and only attempt questions that you know.
  • Be particularly careful of options that say, ‘All of the Above’ and ‘None of the Above’.
  • Finally, give yourself at least 10 minutes to quickly revise the answers before submitting your paper. 

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