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Did You Know 96% students fail in CA Inter?

By Admin |
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You may have heard several rumors about CA-Inter being difficult to crack. If you ever take to analyze the pass percentage of CA Intermediate, your findings will surely terrify you. In the period of last five years, the pass percentage of CA-Inter had dropped as low as 4.14%. Do you know what that implies? Out of 100 students, 96 fail to crack CA-Inter. With CA-Inter May 2018 results to be soon published, this is something to think about.

 How do you think you did in your CA-Inter exams this time? After having a look at the meagre pass percentage, what are the chances of you clearing the exams? Are we trying to scare you? Of course not. We are only trying to prepare you for what may be in store. If you don’t feel confident enough about clearing (and that’s okay; nothing is lost); we only urge you to start early this time and do things differently.

Here are some common reasons why students fail in CA inter:

Lack of sufficient preparation – This is the most common reason why students fail to crack CA Inter, not because the exams are difficult themselves. Once the CA Inter results are out, most students realize it: the real reason behind failure is lack of knowledge and insufficient conceptual understanding of theory papers. In fact, the most dreaded subject for CA-Inter students is Information Technology and Strategic Management. Only 0.42% students passed in this paper in November 2016.

Lack of awareness about the syllabus – Let’s be honest, how many of you revisit the syllabus booklet on a daily basis? And just how many of you keep yourself updated with the latest notifications published by the ICAI. This holds applicable especially for those students who wholly rely on self-study. Students report that the second reason for failure are subjects like Tax and Law in Group 1 that are prone to amendments and changes, and those who are not aware of these are always penalized.

Lack of strategic planning – Most students do not plan their studies. Are you an early morning bird or a nocturnal owl? You should sit with yourself and come up with a customized study planner according to your preferences. Not only that, you should also have a list of chapter-wise weightage for each subject. It will enable you to set effective short-term and long-term goals. For example, if you already know that Accounting Standards is the most important chapter in Accountancy, then you can allocate more time to this chapter as compared to the rest.

 Lack of proper presentation – Presentation is an important factor, and it can determine the outcome of your CA-Inter exams to a great extent. If you are writing an answer for Corporate and Other Laws, your answers should talk about the provision fast, followed by your interpretation of the same. You can then connect the dots between the case in point and the provision you just discussed, and end your answer with a befitting conclusion. Do not forget to top it all with a good heading, to begin with.

Lack of proper revision - Clearing CA-Inter is no rocket science, yet the results tell you otherwise. And the most common reason being lack of proper revision. The brain of a common mortal can retain only so much information at one time. So, it is important to revisit your learnings. Some students find subjects like Advanced Accounting hard to deal with. The application based questions are tough, the question paper is lengthy, and never allows a student to score well and sometimes even pass. Thus, several rounds of revision becomes mandatory if you are to clear exams.

Another common mistake that students make is not appearing for mock tests. These tests help students to gauge their preparedness. Mock tests are good opportunities to commit and analyze mistakes before the real exam. But most students wait for too long before starting their preparations; towards the end they hardly have time left for mock tests.

Moreover, under the revised syllabus, our experts are expecting the pass percentage of CA-Inter to fall further due to the new inclusions of topics about which both teachers and students have little idea. Also, subjects like Enterprise Information System and Economics for Finance may pose problems for students if not effectively dealt with.

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