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Download CA Intermediate 2019 Study Material

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We have good news for all the students appearing for CA Intermediate this time. The ICAI has finally come up with the Study Material for 2019 exams. After coping with much of the chaos, resulting from the introduction of the new syllabus by ICAI, much of the dirt has settled. Earlier, there were a lot of speculations about whether or not ICAI will publish the study material and the practice manual this time. Now that ICAI has lived up to its norm, the CA Intermediate examinees must be feeling rather relieved.

It goes without mentioning that the Study Material and Practice Manual published every year by ICAI is an valuable study resource for the CA Intermediate students. This year, however, there will be an exception. It is going to be all the more crucial for the students this time as the syllabus has largely been changed, and these are the best and the most authentic guidance that the students can bank on to sail through the unknown. As per our calculations, as long as the students bank on these two resources, scoring an exemption should not be an out of the world task, despite the whirlpool of change that has taken place.

CA Intermediate 2019 Accounting Study Material 

It goes without saying, Accounting is amongst the fundamental competence areas in Chartered Accountancy. The syllabus for Accountancy is an appropriate mix of core accounting concepts. The syllabus is divided into three modules, and comprises of a total of 15 chapters. As per the new structure introduced by ICAI, this paper is allotted a full 100 marks now.

The study material published by ICAI is designed, keeping in mind the needs of home study and distance learning. It clearly elucidates complex accounting concepts through examples and illustrations. The purpose of the study material is to ensure that the students not only grasp the concepts but also the applicability of the concepts to solve real life accounting problems. And the Questions for Practice for Accountancy is your perfect guide to write answers for the Intermediate Exam to get full marks.

Study Material - Paper-1: Accounting


CA Intermediate 2019 Corporate and Other Laws Study Material 

Corporate and Other Laws is one of the most interesting and dynamic part of the CA syllabus. Laws and rules are the fundamental aspects that govern the relationship between business and profession. A student of Chartered Accountancy is expected to have thorough knowledge of the legal framework as it influences business transactions. This paper is further divided into two parts. One is Company Law, which comprises The Companies Act 2013. The other is Other Laws, which comprises The Indian Contract Act, The Negotiable Instrument Act, The General Clauses Act and Interpretation of Statutes.

 To better understand the legal provisions of the selected laws, you can always fall back on the subject material published by ICAI for this subject. The CA Intermediate Corporate and Other Laws study material helps you to acquire professional knowledge in a way so that you can apply them later to address real time issues. Keep practising with the Practice Manual to understand how to use your knowledge to write answers in the exam

Part I: Company Law

CA Intermediate 2019 Cost and Management Accounting Study Material 

Cost and Management Accounting is an integral part of any business. Cost is the amount of expenditure (actual or notional) that a business incurs on any article, product or activity. Once the cost of the said article, product or activity is determined, the business then needs to maintain reports of income and expenditure so that it can practice cost control and ascertain profitability. And, the person whom the business hires to do the job, is a Chartered Account. So, no wonder, Cost and Management Accounting is one of the core subjects in CA Intermediate syllabus.

The Cost and Management Accounting syllabus, as determined by the ICAI, is divided into 15 chapters. Students are advised to refer to the ICAI study material to master the basics of all the chapters. By referring to the Cost and Management Accounting study material by ICAI will students will not only acquire professional knowledge but also the ability to use the knowledge to solve real-life business problems.

CA Intermediate 2019 Advanced Accounting Study Material

Advanced Accounting is a subject that enables CA students to acquire the ability of applying specific Accounting Standards to different transactions and events in a real life scenario where a student has to prepare and present financial statements of business entities.

The Subject Material for Advanced Accounting is compiled by ICAI keeping in mind the requirements of self-study and distance learning. It is divided in 14 chapters as per the syllabus. It has been bifurcated into 3 modules for the convenience of students. The study material is extremely student-friendly and attempts to explain each of the core concepts with the help of diagrams, examples and illustrations. It is the ultimate study guide for students appearing for the CA Intermediate exam. 

Paper-5: Advanced Accounting Study Material 

CA Intermediate 2019 Auditing And Assurance Study Material 

Auditing is one of the most practical-oriented subjects in the CA curriculum. This paper is aimed at providing knowledge of the generally accepted auditing procedures. A good foundation of Auditing will make practical training an enriching experience for students. While striving to master the basics of Auditing, students should apply the knowledge acquired in other subjects like Accounting and Corporate Laws in a meaningful manner.

 Refer to the study material provided by ICAI for better understanding of concepts. Here, in each chapter, the topic has been covered step-wise for better understanding by students. With the help of the study material, you can first grasp the essence of all the important concepts and then use the MCQs and other questions to evaluate your learning.

Paper-6: CA Intermediate Auditing And Assurance Study Material

CA Intermediate 2019 Enterprise Information Systems And Strategic Management Study Material 

Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management is as important as any other subject in CA. As a student of CA, you must develop an understanding of technology-enabled Information Systems and their impact on enterprise-wide processes, risks and controls. This paper gives you a thorough understanding of automated business processes with penetrating insights into E-Commerce, M-Commerce and other such emerging technologies.

 The subject material released by ICAI for this subject is an invaluable study resource for students. It will help you inculcate the required IT skill set necessary for you to achieve professional competency. In the study material, the concepts are explained in a student-friendly manner with the help of diagrams and examples. It is an invaluable study material, one that students can largely benefit from.

Paper-7: Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management Study Material 

CA Intermediate 2019 Financial Management and Economics for Finance Study Material 

The agenda of studying Financial Management and Economics for Finance is for CA students to develop an understanding of various aspects of financial management and to apply the same in the process of decision making. The syllabus for this subject is divided into two modules which are further categorized into 11 chapters.

Refer to the study material released by ICAI to gain scintillating insights into each topic. Here the concepts are approached in a step-by-step process and explained in a manner which is best suited for students. The examples, illustrations or diagrams used to demonstrate each concept in the study material facilitates clarity and enables you to have a good grasp on the subject matter. 

Paper-8: Financial Management & Economics for Finance - Section-A: Financial Management



Initial Pages


Unit I: Introduction to Working Capital Management

Unit II: Treasury and Cash Management

Unit III: Management of Inventory

Unit IV: Management of Receivables

Unit V: Management of Payables (Creditors)

Unit VI: Financing of Working Capital

Appendix - Financial Tables

Paper-8 Section-B: Economics for Finance

Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Determination of National Income
                Unit I: National Income Accounting
                Unit II: The Keynesian Theory of Determination of National Income

Chapter 2: Public Finance
              Unit I: Fiscal Functions: An Overview
              Unit II: Market Failure
              Unit III: Government Interventions to Correct Market Failure
              Unit IV: Fiscal Policy

Chapter 3: Money Market
            Unit I: The Concept of Money Demand : Important Theories
            Unit II: The Concept of Money Supply
            Unit III: Monetary Policy

Chapter 4: International Trade
             Unit I: Theories of International Trade
             Unit II: The Instruments of Trade Policy
             Unit III: Trade Negotiations
             Unit IV: Exchange Rate and Its Economic Effects
             Unit V: International Capital Movements


CA Intermediate is not as difficult to crack as it may seem. We are not saying that it’s easy either. It’s competitive, and it requires a strategic effort to clear all the papers. The first step is to start studying for the exam by referring to the ICAI study material. So, let’s get started!

But, you know what, preparing for CA Intermediate all by yourself can seem daunting. Prepare with CAprep18’s online JK Shah Classes to enhance your chances of clearing the exam. Talk to our academic advisors now @ 1800-212-8575.

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