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Follow these Expert tips to assure yourself of your CPT success!

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Tik-tok, tik-tok, time doesn’t stop! And it usually runs faster when an important event or date is approaching. Take CA CPT, for example. The time required for preparation seems far less than the time actually left in a CPT aspirant’s hands. In addition, the pressure to clear CPT in the first attempt, to take a progressive step towards the goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant and the need to be perfect at each level of the exam triples the stress.

To arrive at your destination, it is important to understand where you are currently. An age-old adage relating to preparation says, ‘Follow what is given’. But for the given situation which is the upcoming CA CPT December 2017 exam, let us suggest a few relatively new yet unbelievably effective tips to help you hit right at the bull’s eye if you follow them religiously!

Expert Tips to Crack CPT December 2017

Exercise on your weak areas: Since the number of days before CPT Dec ’17 can now be counted by hand, it is important that you go ahead with preparation keeping your weak areas in mind and work hard to remove them. Assuming you have already worked well on the subjects you deem to be your strengths, you should allot a good amount of time to exercise a better control over your weak areas, whether practice or theory, so you strike a balance between both, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Avoid starting fresh topics at all costs: Do not lay your hands on a topic so fresh that you tend to mix prepared and unprepared, and left with doubts, confusion and anxiety. Instead practise and revise the already done with concepts in each subject so you are all sorted and ready for the exam day. If you are not done with all the topics, do not panic but trust your preparation with the remaining topics and you will get through the exam.

 Use the right tools for success: Right now the only savior is ‘Practice’, and the tools serving practice for CPT are Sample Papers, Past Year Papers and Mock Tests! Remember to create a real exam-like environment at least twice a day to keep yourself on the right track with the right pace, and J.K. Shah Classes' Mock CPTs can help you do just that. Self-assessment is also possible with a detailed analysis of your Mock Test performance.

Take required study breaks and watch video lectures: Do not exhaust yourself by constantly studying and losing your strength by over-preparing for the exam. Anything in excess can be harmful! Keep your mind off stress by taking breaks while watching a CAprep18 Video Lecture by a CA Expert. Keeping yourself aligned with knowledge refreshment is necessary too!

Follow a healthy diet and sleep well: Last, but not the least, do not skip your health requirements amid all the preparation and competition. You are after all preparing for the long run, i.e. the CA Finals. So it is important to keep up your healthy diet with at least 6–7 hours of sleep to keep anxiety and stress off your mind.

 We hope you follow these strategically prepared, essential tips during your final days before the exam for assured success in CPT December ’17. Trust your preparation and go head on with CPT Dec ’17!

 Meanwhile, let CAprep18 be your friend in need. You can count on us… For any queries, get in touch with CAprep18’s CA Experts!

Good luck!

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