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How can an average student clear CA-CPT?

By Admin |
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So, you want to become a Chartered Accountant but you don’t think you have what it takes? CA is a prestigious career; the exams you need to crack to become a CA are extremely competitive and, you are only an average student. Everyone, right from your teachers to parents and peers, has always defined you as an average student. And as an average student, you have but nominal chances of clearing CPT, which is only the entry level CA exam, isn’t it?

But who is an average student? Someone who manages to pass all exams but does nothing more than that. An average student scores average marks, and seems to lack the keen intellect that class toppers naturally possess. And some teachers may even go to the extent of defining average students as ‘not-so-bright’. But, we have slightly different parameters of defining average students.

According to us, an average student is one who:

  • Makes average efforts
  • Sets average goals
  • Is happy with average results
  • Has an average seeking spirit
  • Do things halfway
  • Has average dedication
  • And, some serious issues with self-belief.

For us ‘average’ is just a mindset, and those students who fall under this category do so because they lack the motivation and willpower to push themselves beyond average and not because they lack some of those ‘God-gifted’ elements like intellect, I.Q., brilliance, brightness, and who-knows-what-else!

Now coming to the question, you have been dying to ask: Can an average student clear CA-CPT? The answer depends on how you define yourself.

Are you average because:

  • You are a non-commerce student trying to clear CPT?
  • Do you not have a strong hold on Accountancy?
  • Or just the sound of the word ‘Maths’ gives you the chills?
  • Or maybe your +2 results were not that good?

If any or all of the above conditions hold true for you, rest assured you can still clear CA-CPT. Only, you will have double or even triple your effort. If you are a non-commerce student, there will be nothing effortless for you as far as CPT is concerned. Every single mark will be hard earned. If your Maths or Accountancy is weak, you have to labor till you reach the point of perfection. If you did not do well in +2, you have to put the past behind you and start fresh from this moment onward.

But if you are an average student because you are only interested in making average efforts, then CA-CPT is not for you. If you have not been able to clear CPT in a past few attempts, and you are convinced that you cannot put any more effort than this, you better switch course now while there’s still time and move into another direction that’s better suited for you.

So, basically, it depends upon you!

Tips and Tricks for Average Students to clear CPT:

(a)    Take a systematic approach: Start with the basics and develop conceptual knowledge and understanding. Once you are through with that, put your understanding into practice, and practice rigorously. A rote learning approach will not take you anywhere in CPT, so start solving MCQs as soon as possible. When in doubt, go back to the study material.

(b)    Follow only one study material: Keep it simple: Follow the subject-wise study material issued by the ICAI; it is all-inclusive, and everything you need to know is given there. DO NOT make the mistake of ignoring the study material issued by the ICAI. Additionally, you can refer to the notes from tuition classes that you have been attending. Referring to different books for the same subject will only create confusion.

(c)    Boost your confidence with self-study: This is not to undermine the importance of coaching classes. One surely needs guidance and support, and reliable advice to be able to crack CPT. Since you already count yourself as an ‘average’ student, you may have the tendency to overtly rely on tuition classes but they can only help you with directions, you have to walk the path on your own. When it comes to clearing CPT, nothing can replace self-study. Study on your own, identify your weaknesses and get your doubts cleared in time.

(d)    Do at least 3 rounds of revision: Honestly, clearing CPT is no rocket science, but then you are no Einstein either. The brain of a common mortal can retain only so much information at one time. So, it is important to revisit your learnings. If you are not from commerce background, you may find Accountancy a bit daunting. Or maybe, you are dead scared of facing Maths. You can not only improve but also perfect yourself through rigorous practice and revision. So, keep it up!

(e)    Manage time effectively: Your hard work will be of little use if you can’t answer the CPT paper within time limit. You have to answer 100 questions in 120 minutes. So, you better start working on your time management skills right away. How can you do this? By appearing for as many mock tests as you can. These are available with ICAI for free and even with us at CAprep18. For the mock tests you take with us, you will be furnished detailed reports and analysis of marks.

And lastly, by putting in more efforts than usual, work on eradicating exam phobia. As an average student trying to crack CPT, you must be willing to sacrifice your social life for a couple of months. And trust us, you will be grateful later for the focused and dedicated exertions you now make. It’s a common misconception that CA exams are extremely difficult to crack; at any point in time, clearing CA is about 99% hard work and 1% luck. So work harder than others and break through the shackles of being an average student. You will surely be able to crack CPT.

For any CPT exam related queries, feel free to call our CA experts on our toll-free number @ 1800-212-8575. We are happy to help you!

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