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How to Crack CA-CPT in a Single Attempt

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Chartered Accountancy or CA is one of the most prestigious career options in India. A part of its glory comes from the fact that CA is indeed a hard profession. Every business entity, whether big or small, needs competent CAs to deftly deal with the accounts of the organisation. However, over time, the job role of a CA has undergone tremendous metamorphosis. Nowadays, CA aspirants have to go through an even more arduous examination and training process. Students are required to clear three examination levels to get qualified – the first one being CA-CPT.

As you may already know, students can register with ICAI to appear for CA-CPT once they are done with their 10+2 exams. Upon registration, students need to prepare at least for 4  months before their first attempt. Most students who appear for CA-CPT require multiple attempts to clear CA-CPT. Having said that, it is neither too ambitious nor too difficult to crack CA-CPT in the first attempt.

How to Prepare for CA-CPT? Behind every victorious battle, there’s a good strategy

17th June is just around the corner, and with less than two months left for CA-CPT June 2018, students are desperately looking for quick tips to crack CA-CPT. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help students to effectively prepare for the exams in the remaining days.

Before we proceed, let’s take a quick look at the CA-CPT syllabus

Overview of CA-CPT syllabus:


SESSION I [Two sections – Two hours – 100 marks]

Section A

Fundamentals of Accounting

60 marks

Section B

Mercantile Laws

40 marks

SESSION II [Two sections – Two hours – 100 marks]

Section C

General Economics

50 marks

Section D

Quantitative Aptitude

50 marks

To view the full syllabus for CA-CPT, click here

To win any battle, one needs a good armour, a sharp weapon and a better strategy. Clearing CA-CPT is no less than fighting a battle, and to emerge victorious, you need to lay down a study plan carefully and strategically. Even before you delve deep into any of the subjects, first understand what is expected from you.

CPT is an MCQ-based aptitude test. For every correct answer, you will be awarded 1 mark, and for every wrong answer, 0.6 marks will be deducted. There is no point in mugging up theories. Instead, aim for conceptual clarity. After you understand the concepts, learn how to apply them to solve problems. To be at the helm of your preparations, solve exercises till you can do them in your sleep. Even as you practise and revise, figure out the shortest and the best way to solve problems. Divide your time evenly among the four subjects so that you don’t overdo one while completely neglecting the other.

Subject-Wise Preparation Tips



Preparation Tips

Maximum Marks

Minimum Marks

Most Important Concepts

Fundamentals of Accounting

Most Scoring Subject
In-depth conceptual knowledge
Application-based problem solving



Final Accounts
Company Accounts
Partnership Accounting
Theoretical Framework

Mercantile Laws

Requires Focus with
Conceptual Understanding
Understand Case



Contract Act, 1872

General Economics

Understand Graphs and
go through Latest Statistics
Attempt Macro-Economics first



Price Determination
Production and Cost
Demand and Consumer

Quantitative Aptitude

Focus on Statistics and
Class 12 Mathematics
Practise to Enhance Speed



Differentiation &
Correlation & Regression

TOTAL             200


*Please note that if students fail to score the minimum marks in each subject, they will not clear CA-CPT even if they score 50% or more in aggregate.

The Knight’s Armour: Sample Papers, Mock Test Papers, Previous Year Papers

We all know how a knight’s armour functions, right? It is not meant for attack, it is used to defend. Students appearing for CPT are thoroughly advised to refer to sample papers, mock test papers and previous year papers, not because you will get common questions from these, but because it prepares you for the unknown. These academic resources prepare you for what to expect in CPT. After the learning phase is over, sample papers help you to master application-based problem solving. Previous year question papers give you a thorough idea of the question pattern followed by ICAI. Mock test papers create the ideal rehearsal before the actual exam.

To study with our sample papers for CA-CPT June 2018, click here

To practice with our mock test papers for CA-CPT June 2018, click here.

To access previous year test papers for CA-CPT June 2018, click here.

Quick Tips to Stay Calm and Clear CA-CPT in a Single Attempt

Start early – Students often make the mistake of taking time for granted. Cracking CA-CPT is no rocket science, but it needs practice. Simply knowing the basics and how to apply them is not enough. One needs to master application also.

Divide your time equally – While studying, identify your strong areas and weak areas. Practise the weak areas but strengthen your strong areas even more. Also, divide your time equally among the four subjects.

Solve sample papers – The question paper pattern is MCQ, so mugging up theories will hardly be of use. Stay focused on what is expected from you and prepare likewise. Refer to sample papers while studying. It will make your job easier.

Keep a timer – This is where mock test papers can help. Time yourself while you practise. This will keep the jitters away in the exam hall.

Stay calm – Work for the best and don’t worry about the rest. Honestly, it is not in your hands to top the exam, but it is definitely in your hands to give your best. So prepare the best you can, but don’t pressurise yourself meaninglessly. 

Most importantly, stay committed. Visualise your goals like you have already achieved them. Then work towards them with dedication. We hate to break this to you, but it is okay if you require multiple attempts to clear CA-CPT. What is more important is to give your utmost at this point in time. The effort and not the outcome should fuel you to keep going.

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