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How to Plan for CA CPT June 2018?

By Admin |
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Just about 2 months to CA-CPT June 2018! The exam is scheduled to be held on 17th June 2018. Counting the days left, candidates appearing for CA-CPT June 2018 have taken to burning the midnight oil. But the burning question is ‘How can you step up your final phase of preparation?’ Most students end up burdening themselves with information overdose and long hours of study. Are you on this same path? If yes, then it’s time you press pause.

What you need now is a CPT study plan which will help you prepare strategically in the last 60 days before CA-CPT. The CPT study planner by our CA expert attempts to help students with a thorough understanding of the syllabus. It uniformly divides the available time among different subjects and segregates chapters according to their weightage.

Let’s take a quick look at what to expect in the imminent CA-CPT 2018 exam:

1. Period of Study

2 months

2. Time of Exam


3. Number of Papers


4. Paper Type

Objective (MCQ Based)

5. Number of Subjects


6. Passing Criteria

50% + 30% (individually)

7. Subjects

a) Fundamentals of Accounting
b) Mercantile Law
c) General Economics
d) Quantitative Aptitude

8. Subject-wise Minimum Marks

a)      Fundamentals of Accounting - 18
b) Mercantile Law - 12
c) General Economics - 15
d) Quantitative Aptitude - 15

TOTAL: 100 out of 200

*Negative Marking: 0.25 marks for every wrong answer

The pass percentage for CA-CPT hovers anywhere between 25% and 40% every year; that is, few students clear the test. Does this bother you? Don’t let fear take over. The CA-CPT study planner designed by our expert can guide you with not just to pass the CA-CPT June 2018 exam but also to score a distinction. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Here is a preview of how to divide time between subjects:

How Your Day will Look Like?

8 AM–11 AM: Accounting

11:30 AM–2.30 PM: Law

4 PM–7 PM: Economics

7:30 PM–10.30 PM: Maths + Statistics (Quantitative Aptitude)

While preparing, students must remember that this CA-CPT daily study timetable is just a sample. It is not carved in stone. So, feel free to make changes as and when it suits you. Here are a few last minute study tips you should keep in mind while preparing for CA-CPT June 2018.  

Set daily targets:
It is important to plan your day in advance. Set daily targets for yourself. Make sure your targets are reasonable. Do not unnecessarily burden yourself. Achieve your daily targets and track your progress.

Utilise your training:
If you have enrolled for coaching, then follow the flow suggested for covering and revising chapters. If you are preparing on your own, then it is advisable to start with difficult, lengthy or important chapters and then move on to the easier or the less important ones.

Finish the learning phase in 45 days:
The last two weeks before CA-CPT are meant to be kept for revision. Two weeks before the exam is not the best time to confuse your brain with new topics. Finish the learning phase over the next 45 days.

Refer closely to ICAI’s modules:
Follow the guidelines and modules by ICAI to the letter. You will find all the help you need in them. This will be beneficial especially if you are on the self-study route.

Lastly, try to make notes while studying and refer only to those notes at the time of revision. This will speed up the process and help you to recall things incredibly well. Take your time with the studying process. Do not rush through chapters. More than anything else, believe in yourself. You will be able to do it.

For further reference, you may refer to this free video:

In case of any queries, feel free to call our CA-CPT expert on 1800-212-8575. All the help you need is just a phone call away.

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