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How to Prepare for CA Intermediate Group 1 in 30 Days?

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 Can you feel your heart pounding? CA-Intermediate exams are fast approaching. Are you ready to face those exam jitters head on? With just 30 days left in hand, now is not the time to go giddy with nervousness. Now is the time to double the efforts and gear up for the ultimate battle. Right now is the time to stay calm, and knit an infallible strategy to clear Group 1 in 30 days. Let’s begin, shall we?

 How you prepare for CA-Intermediate Group 1 in these remaining days will determine whether you clear the attempt or not. The ‘or not’ is not really an option. So, let’s talk about how to clear CA Intermediate Group I in 30 days with 60+ marks. Sounds too impossible to happen? Our experts are here to work it out with you.

Preparation Tips for CA Intermediate Group 1

 The final month before CA-Intermediate exams is also the final phase of your learning. Our experts term this phase as the ‘Revision Phase II’. The learning phase begins months before the exam, and is closely followed by the first round of revision. So, ideally, 30 days before the CA-Intermediate exam you should be doing your second round of revision. These 30 days are extremely vital. You will need to plan properly to ensure that you can score the maximum marks.

 As per the new syllabus, the CA-Intermediate exam Group 1 exam will be conducted on 4 subjects. It has 3 practical papers: Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting and Taxation, and 1 theory paper: Corporate Law and Other Laws.

 Given below is a study planner that will help you to wrap up your revision during the last 30 days before CA-Intermediate Group I exams:

Total number of papers: 4
No. of practical papers: 3 No. of theory papers: 1
No. of hours per day: 12
Phase 1: 24 days Allocate 8 hours on practicing practical papers. Allocate the remaining 4 hours to revising theory
Phase 2: 6 days These days are to be kept aside for RTPs, Practice Manuals and Mock Test Papers.

*No new theory or practical topics should be touched during the last 30 days.

**Students must solve at least one mock test paper for every subject.

***The study planner is not curved out in stone, students can to adjust it according to them.

 Tips To Prepare Effectively For CA-Intermediate Group 1

Plan effectively: You must have heard the saying which goes, if you are failing to plan then you are planning to fail. It is impossible to clear all papers in CA-Intermediate Group 1 without proper planning. Planning for CA-Intermediate Group 1 happens in 3 parts. First, you plan to revise your conceptual learning, then you set aside sufficient time to revise and practice practical problems and then you make provisions for mock tests.

 Practice with previous year papers: Previous year question papers are the best way to make yourself exam ready. This especially holds true for practical papers and Group I has 3 practical papers out of four. It is important to master the application of concepts and practice solving problems so that you can deftly answer questions during the exam.

 Manage time effectively: The study planner given above will help you immensely in this area. To further utilize time effectively, you can further break it down to daily and weekly revision bytes. Every day, for the next 30 days you can glance through whatever topics you have revised throughout the day. Similarly, you can do set aside few hours in the last day of the week, to revisit every topic you have revised throughout the day.

 Our CA experts are of the opinion that the last one month before CA-Intermediate exam is crucial for the candidates from all aspects. By succumbing to the stress and pressure of studying long hours, students often mess up their health. This is absolutely counter-productive all preparation tips for CA-Intermediate Group I. Hence, it is important to take small breaks and come back fresh every time your brain is going numb. Also, remember to eat your meals on time and take good care of your health. The last thing you’d want is to fall sick just 30 days before your exam.

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