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IPCC Exam Management in studying and in exam hall

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After you are done with months of meticulous study and revision, it all comes down to the finale of your IPCC season – the exam day. Let us go through a few pointers on how you can sail through your IPCC attempt successfully. 
When writing your IPCC exam, you have to bear on mind that it is not your B.Com exam but a golden opportunity to show your professional skills to the examiners. 
Tips for the Theory Questions

1.   On receiving the question paper, turn it over. Do not read the first question and stress yourself out. Start reading the question paper backwards so that you can start answering the easier questions first.

2.   Long answers will make it difficult for the examiner to find an answer in your story. Write your answers in point format with every new answer on a new page.

3.   Write the question number and sub question clearly.

4.   Answer all sub-questions subsequently and finish the question before going to the next one. 

5.  Present your paper neatly. Leave a little margin on both sides and write in a legible handwriting. Underline relevant provision or any substantial provision

6.  Remember to quote the relevant sections and cases while answering case-study related questions.

Tips for the Practical Questions

1.  Make at least one inner and one outer column immediately on receipt of answer book to write amounts clearly one below the other.

2.  It is wise to leave one line between entries so that anything that has been missed can be inserted without a mess.

3.   Remember to total account in rough sheet and then write in the account/statement.

4.   Do not spend less than half a minute on an adjustment that you are stuck with. You can revisit it later if time permits.

5.  Be careful while carrying the amount to other account/statement.

6.  While giving the answer in the statement form, amount should be written on the extreme side with particular from the left margin.

7.  Write the correct amount/number at once and remember to have final answers in the required units.

 8.  Do not skip steps because there are marks for steps too.

9.  Remember hasty calculations can cost you marks. Keep your cool at all times.

So there, keep calm, give your best shot, and believe that you can do your best in there. Good luck!

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