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Last Minute Tips for CA CPT students

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Chartered Accountancy is one of the most prestigious career options. One cannot deny that Chartered accountants are the most sought-after professionals in the realm of business. No firm, big or small, can run smoothly for long without a CA. However, the process of becoming a CA is quite elaborate and challenging. CA CPT is the first step to crack CA exams, the other two steps being CA-Intermediate and CA-Final.

With determined efforts, systematic approach and expert tips, anyone can clear the exam. Given below is a list of tips and tricks that will help you clear CPT.

Preparation Tips for CPT Students


  • Start early - This is the best tip to clear CA CPT. Students often fail to realize that it takes perseverance and hard work to crack CA CPT. The level of the exam is not too difficult, but it is practice-intensive. When students start early, they have enough time to do several rounds of revision. This improves the chances of clearing the exam.
  • Divide your time equally - To effectively prepare for CA CPT, students must strategically allocate time to the four papers. While determining the time and effort for each subject, take your strengths and weaknesses into consideration. But don't give all your time to any particular paper because to crack CA CPT, you have to score 30% in individual papers and 40% in the aggregate. Failing to score at least 30% in any paper will lead to failing the exam, even if the student scores 40% in aggregate.
  • Take small but frequent breaks - Studying for long hours at stretch fatigue the brain and reduces the retention power of the brain. So take a 10-15 minute break every two hours. Also, to fuel up your memory, set daily revision targets. And, while studying for CA CPT, club one theory subject with a practical one.
  • Be smart while answering questions – CA CPT follows an MCQ based question paper. For each right answer, you will be awarded 1 mark. For every wrong answer, there will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks. To, arrive at the correct answer, put an elimination process in place. And, don’t let the fear of negative marking keep you from making educated guesses.


Tips to clear CA CPT Accounts

  • Take the time to revisit your learnings. Practice with Practice Manuals and Previous Year Papers to enhance conceptual understanding boost confidence.
  • Try attempting mercantile law section first. Attempting questions from this subject is comparatively easy and takes less time. Once this is done, you are now free to attempt the questions of Accountancy.
  • First, attempt the known questions, and this applies for both Law and Accountancy
  • Practice as much as you can. For an MCQ based exam like CA CPT, practice equals speed.
  • Attempt at least one mock test paper. Mock Tests help you to analyze mistakes and rectify them before appearing for exam in real time.


Tips to clear CA CPT Law

  • Start with The Indian Contract Act, 1872. Majority of the questions in the CA CPT Law asked from this act.
  • Give second priority to other important chapters, like Sales of good Act, 1930.
  • And, lastly cover Indian Partnership Act, 1932.
  • Have an overview of the chapters, and understand the broad content and the sequence of various subtopics. 
  • Once you have grasped the essence of all important concepts, make your own notes. Come up with a concept register where you can review the concepts at a glance.
  • While revising, attempt MCQs from Model Test Paper provided by ICAI.
  • Compulsorily attempt to write one mock test before appearing for the exam. 


Tips to clear CA CPT Economics

  • Start preparation with Macro Economics, and then move on to Micro. Beware of the current economic trends relevant to your attempt.
  • Make concise and comprehensive notes which you can refer to at the time of final revision.
  • After studying the chapters, solve MCQs from Modules, Model Test Papers, and Practice Papers.
  • Economics involves lots of statistical data.  Although difficult, students need to exactly recollect all such data. Also, the data should be up-to-date and applicable for your attempt.
  • Practice diagram /graph by yourself on the basis of the explanation given to clarify the concept and the logic behind the diagram.
  • Solve at least one mock test paper before attempting the real exam.


Tips to clear CA CPT Maths

  • Divide Quantitative Aptitude in three Section arithmetic, calculus, and statistics.
  • Arithmetic includes topics like ratio and proportion, calculation of interest etc. which is usually covered in course curriculum leading up to the 12th Grade.
  • Statistics comprises probability, sampling, correlations, and regression etc. which are less complex, and hence they are easier to score and understand.
  • Calculus has topics like Derivatives and Integration which is a little difficult and complex for students from a non-math background. But, it’s not that big a hindrance, they can start with this first and practice them daily. If a student has less time for preparation it is advisable to cover at least simple topics.
  • Try to solve sums step-wise and better understanding concept and techniques.
  • Practice All Model test paper, previous years question papers.
  • Solving at least one Mock Test Paper before the exam is a must

Having all said and done, the best tip for CA CPT students would be to unleash the power of positivity.  A positive attitude is extremely important to crack the exam. While exam jitters may naturally seem to be setting in, it is important to practice positive self-talk. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you can do it, and you will be able to crack CA CPT. 

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