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Things to avoid to crack CPT

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Let’s face it! Becoming a Chartered Accountant is considered one of the toughest courses in the history of Indian professional careers, but it is not as tough as the strong determination and stronger groundwork on the basis of which you clear the first step to become a Chartered Accountant.
Right now, with a handful of days to go for CPT December 2017, we would like to share with you a few haphazard elements which might prove fatal to your CPT preparations so you can avoid endearing these easily made yet difficult-to-spot mistakes!

Let’s have a look at the impediments to cracking CPT and how to avoid them:

Lack of focus: It is very obvious that you are about to attempt one of the most difficult and crucial exams of the professional career that you have chosen for yourself. You succeeding at its first step is cracking CPT. So being focused or taking the exam seriously is as important as breathing while wanting to be alive. Keep your eye on the goal and stop counting seconds! Attempting the exam is your choice, and so, the only bearer of its consequences is you; hence, think twice before taking your focus away from CPT.

Lack of planning: Now, considering that you are aligned with your focus to crack CPT this December, you need to also realise that it is not always the hard work that takes away the cake but smart work that ices all the hard work that you have endured all this long. Hence, keep a schedule easily accessible to you with a well-organised study planner. Trust the CA experts – a well-planned calendar always backs a good preparation for CPT.

Excessive dependence on self-study: Assuming that you have all the required materials such as notes, practice papers, formulae etc. which you can count on as your best CPT prep buddy, still have you considered analysing the areas which might be hidden sources of failure in case you depend only on your preparations and avoid help from more dependable sources like trustworthy CPT video series or shortcuts by CA experts? If not, then this is the time!

Lack of practice: We have been talking about this for a while now, and we would still repeat that practice makes a CPT student perfect! When we speak of practice, we expect you to undertake the following – Mock Tests, Practice Papers, Sample Papers, Past Years’ Papers and various Online Test Series which enable you to analyse yourself in detail to avoid the CPT paper come to you as a surprise.

Time management: Do you set your clock before you sit to practice? Since CPT remains to be a very time-centric exam, it becomes very crucial for one to manage time. By time management, we mean categorising each section according to your SWOT analysis, which you must already have a report of if you have attempted enough Mock Tests so as to allot each section the time it deserves to crack CPT.

Comparing your groundwork with peers: It is good to some extent to discuss the news and notifications or even the shortcuts and formulae with friends, but constantly comparing your preparation status with your fellow CPT aspirants or peers will be disastrous! Let’s go back to point number 1 – ‘Focus’!

Too much pressure: We know it’s difficult to be completely positive especially when only a few days are left for the big day. However, the mantra is to keep calm and practice as much as possible. Practise and it will be easier to tackle even the lengthiest or the toughest of questions with calm and will help you keep anxiety far away from where you see yourself as a successful CA!

We hope this helps you during your final CPT days and to be optimistic and well prepared for CPT this December.

Keep preparing with CAprep18!

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