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Top 10 Common Reasons For Failure In CA-CPT (And How To Avoid Them)?

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Winston Churchill had once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” But, right before CPT June 2018, why are we harping on this? We have a good reason and, you too know it.

For many of you, June 2018 is not your first attempt at cracking CPT. Even if you are not a CPT repeater, you may have heard how only a handful of students clear CPT, every attempt. Is the fear of failure distracting you from studies?

With just 30 days to go before CPT June 2018, now is not the time to let your deep-seated fears gnaw at you. Instead, let’s analysis the 10 most top reasons for failure in CPT, and what you can do to avoid them. How you prepare yourself in the last one month before CPT June 2018 will determine the final outcome.

So, let’s begin!

Reason #1: The lax approach: As it so happens, students appear for CPT for the first time with less than adequate preparation. CPT sure sounds easy; the low passing marks further coerce you into believing that cracking CPT is a cakewalk. Only when the results are published does the reality hit home; CA-CPT is indeed competitive. Despite the passing marks being as nominal as 30% in individual paper and 50% in aggregate; the pass percentage of CPT hover within the nominal range of 25-40%. Often the lax attitude of students and lack of proper preparation turns out to be the #1reason for failure in CPT.

Reason #2: Inadequate preparation: You may think you are doing your best to prepare for CPT in the time available at hand. But honestly, are you approaching CPT with the same seriousness with which you had prepared for the +2 boards? Students make the mistake of taking CPT lightly. Our experts believe this to be another common reason why so many students fail to crack CPT. Treat CPT like board exams for the next 30 days and when the results come out for CPT June 2018, you will be thankful you took to burning the midnight oil.   

Reason #3: Lack of proper planning: Strategy is the heart of war; and cracking CA-CPT is nothing short of a battle. If you have to succeed, you must have a proven strategy to back you up. This means setting short-term and long-term goals to finish the syllabus of CPT. Your preparation strategy should club hard work with smart work. First, get acquainted with the syllabus, then look up the chapter-wise weightage. Make a list of important topics per subject, and finish them before others. To channelize your efforts, you must come up with a study planner for the remaining days before the exam.

Reason #4: Wrong choice of study material: Let’s keep it simple: Follow the study materials issued by the ICAI; it is all inclusive, and everything you need to know is given there. DONOT make the mistake of ignoring the study material issued by the ICAI. Additionally, you can refer to the notes of the tuition classes that you have been attending. Referring to too many different books for the same subject will only create confusion. Instead, use the time in hand to revise and practice as much as you can. Since CPT is an MCQ based exam; practice equals perfection and revision equals speed.

Reason #5: Guidance shopping: The most potent reason behind failure is the tendency of students to shop for guidance. There’s a plethora of guidance flying around the internet on how to crack CPT from self-proclaimed experts. Such things only mislead students, and those of you who go shopping for guidance either online or offline is sure to fall in trap. Instead, identify one or two trusted source of expert advice, and follow them rigorously. And by that, we mean, no expert guidance will come to any avail unless you put it to practice.   

Reason #6: Lack of proper revision: CPT is an MCQ based exam. To crack it, you should have the crux of each concept at the tip of your tongue, and you should be able to solve problems at the speed of light. So, you can yourself calculate how many rounds of revision you will need to achieve this level of accuracy.  Most student refer to the practice manuals only once before appearing for the exam. Whereas, our expert is of the opinion that students need minimum 3 to 5 rounds of revision.

Reason #7: Lack of conceptual understanding for practical subjects: For practical papers, do not neglect theory. Glimpsing through the basics every now and then is very important. For subjects like CPT Maths and Accounting, students are encouraged to maintain a concept register. Practicing problems (as many times as you can) is of course important but you should also understand the logic behind it. Otherwise, correctly answering MCQs may become quite difficult for you.

Reason #8: Giving in to exam jitters: Like most other exams, it is common to experience the feelings of panic, fear and frustration. Defeat that little voice in your head that says, ‘you can’t do it’. If you can win the battle against your own fear; cracking CPT will be no big deal for you. Believe in yourself, you can do it!

Reason #9: Not analyzing the mistakes: Our experts can’t stress enough on the fact that it is mandatory for students to solve at least one mock test paper before appearing for the main exam. Taking mock tests help you to gauge your preparedness for CPT. It is okay to make mistakes while taking mock tests; as long as you can analyze and rectify them before taking the main exam. So don’t be scared to assess yourself, and don’t let your performance in mock tests influence your confidence. Also, analyze yourself on where you may have gone wrong in your previous attempts.

Reasons #10: Answering questions in a rush: Yes, the clock starts ticking (surprisingly fast) the minute you start writing your CPT exam, but don’t hurry up unnecessarily. Read each and every question carefully, and understand what is expected of you. Sometimes, the options can be tricky and hence confusing. So be careful while selecting your answer. To keep within the time limit, time bound yourself while practicing before the exam.  Here is one place mock tests can come play a big role once again.

To further assist you, we have come up the Rapid Revision course. It includes 70 Hours of Classes conducted by the renowned faculty of JK Shah Classes along with a battery of academic resources: Study Material, Practice Manual, Mock Test Papers, Sample Papers, All India Mock Test Papers, Previous Year Question papers with Answers and much more.

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