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Frequently Asked Questions (CA Intermediate)

CA-Intermediate Course Related

What is the CA-Intermediate Course?

The new CA-Intermediate Course is the second level of the Chartered Accountancy Course which has been replaced with the existing Intermediate (Integrated Proficiency Competency) Course. 

When can a student register for the new CA-Intermediate Course? 

Students can register for the new CA-Intermediate Course with effect from 1st July 2017 if they clear PE-I or CA-CPT or CA-Foundation (May 2018 onwards) or they may directly join the CA-Intermediate Course through the direct entry route.

Does a student have an option for registering to CA-IPCC (Old Course) after 1st July 2017?

CA-IPCC has been permanently discontinued from 1st July 2017 onwards. Thus, a student has to compulsorily enrol for the new course, i.e. CA-Intermediate.

Does ICAI exempt students who have written CA-CPT June 2017 from registering to the new course?

No, the results of CPT-June 2017 will be declared in July 2017 when the old course would have already been discontinued, so students have to mandatorily join the new course.

What are the cut-off dates for registration to the CA-Intermediate examinations?

The CA-Intermediate examinations will be held in May and November every year. Also, a minimum of an 8-month study period has been defined before appearing in the respective examination. Thus, 1st September and 1st March are the cut-off dates for registration to be eligible to appear in the May and November examinations, respectively, if following the Foundation route.

When can a CA-Intermediate student begin the 3-year practical training?

CA-CPT Foundation Route:

After passing either or both groups of the Intermediate examination and on successfully completing the four-week Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS)


Direct Entry Route:

Immediately after registering for the CA-Intermediate Course and on successfully completing the four-week ICITSS


Intermediate Qualification from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India or the Institute of Company Secretaries of India:

After passing either or both groups of the Intermediate examination and successfully completing the four-week ICITSS

Which documents are to be enclosed along with the Intermediate registration form?

While submitting the Intermediate (IPC) Course registration form at the concerned regional office, students should enclose the following:

1) Demand Draft/Pay Order towards the CA-Intermediate Course registration fee (Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of ‘The Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India payable at either New Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai/Kolkata/Kanpur’ as the case may be.

2) Attested copy of the marks statement of Class 12 or its equivalent Central Government recognised examination (applicable to CPT route students).

3) Copy of the CPT marks statement applicable to CPT route students. A copy of the downloaded CPT marks statement is acceptable.

4) Graduation/Post Graduation marks statement or Intermediate-level examination marks statement having passed the Intermediate-level examination of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India or the Institute of Company Secretaries of India for admission to the Intermediate (IPC) Course under the Direct Entry Scheme.

Is CA-Intermediate Course registration valid for an indefinite period? 

No. CA-Intermediate Course registration is valid for 4 years. IPCC students should have a valid registration before applying for the relevant Intermediate examination. Revalidation of registration will be done for a further period of 4 years before expiry of the initial registration. Students can revalidate their registration any number of times before the expiry of the valid registration period. The fee is Rs 400/- for each revalidation.

What if a student has a valid registration for CPT/IPCC/Final as on 1st July 2017, but it expires before taking the exams? Can students answer the exams under the existing scheme by revalidation or should they switch to the Revised Scheme?  

Revalidation under the existing scheme can be done even after 1st July 2017 till the available attempts of examinations of that level under the existing scheme.

If a student has registered for IPCC before 30th June 2017, then is he/she allowed to switch over to the Intermediate at a later stage?

Yes, a student can switch over to the new course at any point of time.

CA-Intermediate Course and CAprep18

Can I make payments for a product in parts? Do you accept a part payment?

 Yes, of course! We have an option of part payment for products priced at more than Rs 15,000. However, your package will be activated only after we receive a full payment. We suggest that you make a full payment (in one go) so you can start studying immediately and can save money as well. 


To make a part payment, please contact our sales team who will send you a payment link of the agreed amount by email and SMS.




Part payment Price

Down payment

1st Installment

2nd installment



CA Intermediate Entire Group 1






CA Intermediate Entire Group 2






CA Intermediate Entire Group 1 + Group 2






Does CAprep18.com provide any coaching to assist students in their preparation?

Yes, we have tied up with India’s premier CA coaching professionals to provide our students with the best learning facilities.

In what medium are the classes conducted? How can we attend the classes?

Our classes are conducted in both English and Hinglish (mix of English and Hindi). They are beamed through the Internet directly to your home. You just need to log in on a computer to study live with India’s best teachers.

What is the fee to be paid for the classes?

All the details related to the fee structure are available here.  

What is the batch schedule of the classes to be delivered?

The batch schedule for the classes can be found here

What are the advantages of joining CAprep18.com?

  • Online access to India’s premier CA coaching
  • Dedicated coaching in the comfort of your home
  • Inexpensive method of good tutoring
  • Easy availability of recorded lectures for further reference
  • Rigorous test series
  • Experienced faculty with a proven method of producing CAs

What are the modes of payment acceptable for subscribing to CAprep18.com?

CAprep18.com accepts payment by credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

What if I miss a class?

Classes which are beamed directly to your home are available in recorded versions too. So, whenever you miss a class, visit the video archive to catch up on what you missed.

What support do students get from CAprep18.com?

We guide students from registration till they answer the exams. We offer students access to Past Year Papers, Revision Test Papers, latest amendments and notifications by ICAI, Sample Papers, Mock Test Papers and 24x7 Ask the Expert Support. Guidance in preparation also includes a dedicated helpline 1800-212-8575.

Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Examination Related

When can a student appear for the examination if he/she has enrolled for CA-Intermediate through the CA-CPT route on 1st July 2017?

A minimum of 8 months of study is required before appearing for the CA-Intermediate examination. Accordingly, a student registering on 1st July 2017 can appear in the May 2018 examination.

When would the Intermediate examination be held?

The Intermediate examination is held twice a year, i.e. in May and in November. A student has to follow the examination notification issued by the Examination Department of ICAI.

How to apply for the IPC examination?

A student needs to apply in the prescribed format along with the examination fee. The Examination Department will announce the examination centres in India and abroad in the notification and will issue admit cards. 

Are students who clear the CA-CPT June exam eligible to write the CA-Intermediate May exam according to the new course? 

A minimum of an 8-month study period is required for a student to be eligible for answering the CA-Intermediate examination. So, if a student wishes to write the CA-Intermediate May 2018 examination, he/she needs to register for the course by 1st September 2017.

What is the detailed syllabus of the CA-Intermediate examination?

Please refer to the syllabus. 

How many parallel attempts will be given to students under the IPCC to Intermediate Programme?

Three parallel attempts are given to students under the IPCC to Intermediate Programme.

Which is the last examination of the CA-IPCC Course?

The May exam is the last CA-IPCC examination.

Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Course - Others

What is the Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS)?

ICITSS is a combination of Information Technology Training (ITT) and the Orientation Course (OC). 

What if a student has undergone the Orientation Course and ITT under the existing scheme? Is he/she required to undergo ICITSS even after continuing with the existing scheme or switching to the revised scheme?

No, a student who has already undergone the Orientation Course and ITT will not be required to undergo that course again in any circumstances.

What if a student has undergone either the Orientation Course or ITT (either one) under the existing scheme? Is he/she required to complete ICITSS even if the existing scheme is continued or a switch is made to the revised scheme? 

Students who have already undergone one of the courses, i.e. either the Orientation Course or ITT, has to undergo only the remaining course, i.e. ICITSS (ITT) or ICITSS (OC). They are not required to undergo ICITSS (OC and ITT) in entirety.

When is ICITSS to be completed? 

ICITSS is to be completed before starting practical training for both routes.

What is to be done by a student who has not undergone OC and ITT under the existing scheme? Is he/she required to undergo ICITSS? 

Yes. The student has to undergo ICITSS according to the new scheme of education even if he is studying under the existing scheme.

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