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Live Class Help

Pre-requisites for Joining Live Class :
Operating system: Windows 7 – Windows 10
Web Browser: Google Chrome v34 or later -- Preferred
Mozilla Firefox v34 or later
Internet Explorer v8 or later
Internet connection: 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended)
Software: Flash plug-in should be enabled on browser
Hardware: 2GB or more of RAM

Microphone and speakers (external headset recommended**) if unmuted by the presenter

  • Moderator should make sure the internet connection is more than 1 Mbps upload and stable.
  • Viewer should make sure the internet connection is more than 512kbps - 1Mbps minimum download and stable.
  • Viewer should always use headphone with Mic and select the audio source properly in the viewers portal.
  • If two way interaction is going on please wait for speaker to finish his statement and then start asking the questions. Once you are done with your question wait for presenter to respond on the same.
  • Please don't close the viewers page directly, click on logout button to close the session.
  • This module will not work on Mobile devices
Process to View the Live Class :
  • Connect the laptop or desktop to Internet.
  • Check the Internet speed (it should be stable & at least 512kbps)
  • Connect the external headphones with Mic to your laptop/desktop. (Please ensure your Microphone is working properly)
  • Open the class schedule page on caprep18 and click on online button which will open a new tab where live class will stream.
  • To ask a Public question, use the window just below the video window.
  • To ask a Private question, use the Q&A window just below the PPT window.
  • To ask question via audio check the box in the hand raise window and click on submit.
  • You will be able to ask question once the presenter allows you from his end.
  • Refresh the page if the video is not coming.
  • At the end of the session click on Logout button on the top right to exit the session.
Troubleshooting for Live Class :
  • Click on "help" icon in the url field of the browser.
    Chrome Down Arrow
    Mozilla Down Arrow
  • From the drop down allow access for flash.
    Flash Install Guide
  • Refresh page.

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